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Best Practices: Building Your Campaign

Our universal best practices for setting your campaign up for success in Spotify Ad Analytics

Use clear labeling 

  • It's important to use unique and easily distinguishable labels for your campaign name.
    • We recommend the campaign name includes the Publisher, Brand Advertiser, and any associated Agency, as well as campaign flight dates. This naming convention helps avoid confusion for other campaigns (example: Spotify_SpotifyBrand_Agency_Oct-Dec2023).
  • Similarly, use descriptive labels for campaign line items.
    • We recommend the line item name includes the Market, Content Name, Placement Type, Ad Type, along with any targeting parameters. This allows you to easily assess the performance of one tactic versus another (example: US_PodcastTitle_Preroll_SportsEnthusiasts).

Select a Dashboard Live Date

  • Selecting a Dashboard Live Date will automatically activate campaign measurement by switching the campaign to Live, and will save you a manual step later on.
    • It can take up to 3 days for campaign data to pull in, so we recommend selecting a Dashboard Live Date that is three days post-campaign launch. 
    • For campaigns with embedded ads, if you don't know the exact episode drop dates yet, you can input the week of the expected drop. Just follow up using the Missing Episodes feature to select the correct episode once it's been published.
  • The campaign state will be PENDING until the below items are confirmed. Once confirmed, the campaign state will show as READY. 

Make sure you're ready to launch

To ensure timely and effective collection of data, see our tips below and our campaign checklist here. Note: missed data due to late campaign setup cannot be backfilled.

  • Verify the campaign Advertiser has the Spotify Pixel installed correctly on their site.
    • We recommend the Spotify Pixel is confirmed at least two weeks prior to campaign launch.
  • Confirm tracking URLs are installed on the Publisher's ad server as soon as the campaign is built (for dynamic/streaming line items).
    • Learn how to generate tracking URLs here
  • Verify the Spotify Analytics Prefix has been installed on the RSS feed prior to launch.
    • Learn how to install the Spotify Analytics Prefix here.