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Install the Spotify Ad Analytics Podcast Prefix

Every major hosting provider supports analytics prefixes on podcast’s RSS feeds. Install the prefix on your RSS feed to be measurable in Spotify Ad Analytics.

Applies to: Publishers

For Megaphone:

  1. Log into Megaphone and navigate to your podcast through the ‘Podcasts’ tab. 
  2. Click into your show and select the gear icon in the top right corner. 
  3. From there, click the "Megaphone Settings" tab and check the box next to ‘Enable Spotify Ad Analytics.’
  4. After you've checked the Spotify Ad Analytics box, hit Save and your podcast’s  RSS feed will now be eligible to track with us. 

For all other providers: Email your hosting provider the following:

To: support@your-hosting-provider.com

Subject: Analytics Prefix

Hi Support,

I need to add an Analytics Prefix to my podcast. The URL Prefix is