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Why am I not seeing data in my campaign that just launched?

Your campaign just launched in Ad Analytics, but there's no data in the dashboard? Please see our tips below:

Switching from Pending/Ready to Live

We recommend waiting at least 3 days before switching a campaign from Pending or Ready to Live. This allows the data that we are receiving from the network to fully populate in the dashboard. Learn more about campaign states here

The campaign will begin tracking while in Pending or Ready, as long as the publisher has installed the Spotify Ad Analytics podcast prefix (for embedded/baked-in ads) or tracking URLs (for dynamic or streaming ads) and the brand has installed the Spotify pixel on their site. 

Selecting a Dashboard Live Date (optional)

Spotify Ad Analytics provides an option to select a Dashboard Live Date, so the campaign will switch to Live automatically.

  • Publishers, Brands, or Agencies can select this date when building out the campaigns in the dashboard. See more about building campaigns here.
  • The Spotify Ad Analytics support team will automatically select a Dashboard Live Date that is 3 days after the campaign start date when building campaigns from a brand or agency setup sheet.