Campaign States: Definitions

Reference the below to determine the status of your campaign

The state of a campaign will tell you if a campaign is currently tracking in Spotify Ad Analytics. You can see the states of all your campaigns by viewing the State column on the Home page, or by clicking directly into a campaign. The state of a campaign will affect the attribution of all ads within that campaign.

Below are the campaign states you'll see in Spotify Ad Analytics: 


The campaign is in draft mode. The pending items may include: unconfirmed tracking URLs, analytics prefix not installed, brand’s website pixel not installed.


The campaign is ready for launch and will flip to the LIVE state once the Dashboard Live Date passes and attribution runs overnight.


The start date of the campaign has passed and/or the publisher manually set the campaign live. The campaign is tracking and attribution is running nightly. It will remain LIVE for 30 days past the campaign’s end date, as attribution will continue to run during that time.


The publisher has set the campaign live for the agency that is connected to the advertiser. The advertiser will not have visibility into this campaign when it is in this state.


The campaign has reached its end date and attribution is not running.

Please Note: The Spotify Ad Analytics dashboard automatically extends your campaign if impressions are tracked past the expected end date. More specifically, if impressions run past the expected end date, the end date on the backend will automatically update to +30 days from original end date. To stop or cancel a campaign, please reach out to