Running a "Publisher as Advertiser" Campaign

If you're a publisher interested in running a campaign with yourself as the advertiser, follow the below steps. You will first need to create a separate advertiser dashboard with Spotify Ad Analytics.

Applies to: Publishers

    Create an advertiser account for your organization:

    1. Navigate here to sign up for a new advertiser account.
      1. Note: you will need to invite a new user whose email is not already associated with the publisher account.
    2. Use this advertiser onboarding guide to complete your new account configuration and begin creating the pixel.

    Create your campaign:

    1. After the advertiser account has been created, proceed with setting up the campaign within the publisher account. To do so, navigate to Measure > Campaigns > Create Campaign.
    2. Be sure to complete any necessary steps from the publisher side, including:
      • Installing Tracking URLs for Dynamic line items
      • Installing the RSS Prefix for Embedded line items

    Tips for navigating both a publisher and an advertiser account:

    • Quickly toggle between both accounts by clicking your initials in the upper right corner, and selecting the account you want to view.  
    • Advertiser accounts can export additional reports from the dashboard. See the list of report types here.
    • In the advertiser account, the Measure tab will show a new sub-tab called Overview. Use this tab to view campaign performance on an organization level. Learn more about Overview here.

    Invite members from the publisher account to access the advertiser account by following the instructions here