Membership and Agency Manage Access

Spotify Ad Analytics Admins are able to manage user roles and permissions.

Applies to: Brands, Agencies, Publishers

User Roles 

For Brands & Agencies For Publishers
  • Admin: Users who can view and utilize the dashboard, and can add and remove other users.
  • Admin: Users who can create/edit campaigns, and can add/remove other users.
  • Member: Users who can view and utilize the dashboard, but cannot add other users. 
  • Ad Ops: Users who can create/edit campaigns, but cannot add/remove other users.
  • Sales: Users can only view campaigns.

Manage Members

  1. Navigate to the Manage tab on the left rail and click on the ‘Your Members’ tab. From there, click the green button titled ‘Invite Member.’ 
  2. Input the details of the user that you’re adding. A full name and email address is required.
  3. The user will receive an invite to join via the email address you entered.

Manage Agencies 

Applies to: Brands

  1. Navigate to Manage > Agencies > Add Agency.
  2. Search for your agency, select their name, and hit Add Agency. 

To grant an agency access to a specific campaign, see below:

  1. Navigate to Manage > Agencies.
  2. Under Agencies Campaign Access, check off any campaigns the agency should have visibility into and hit Save Changes.
  3. Deselecting the checkmark will toggle off campaign access for the agency.