Understanding Reporting Campaigns

How to read and analyze your reporting campaign.

Reporting Campaigns provide the basic information that an advertiser needs to manage their campaigns, specifically providing the ability to ad spend and delivery in real-time. You can learn more about Campaign Reporting here.

The Metrics

Reporting campaigns can help you understand the holistic delivery and pacing throughout the course of your campaign. The standard metrics available all account and campaign types include:

  • Impressions = (# of impressions/downloads served)
  • Household Reach = (# of unique households) 
  • Household Frequency = (Impressions / household reach)
  • Spend to Date is calculated based on delivered impressions and CPM that's entered in for each line item during campaign setup.

Brands and agencies running streaming ads on Spotify will have access to additional metrics:

  • Reach = (# of unique listeners who streamed your ad on Spotify) 
  • Frequency = (Impressions / Reach)

Reporting Views

Spotify Ad Analytics provides several reporting views to understand campaign delivery: 

  • Overview
    • Campaign-level metrics
    • Delivered impressions over time, which can be filtered based on weekly, monthly, or custom windows. Within that window, you can also view pacing on Hourly, Daily or Weekly basis.
  • Overlap
    •  Review which line-items within your campaign reached the same households. 
  • Ad Placements
    • Drill down to line items based on the different ad placements, audience targets, and ad formats. If you click on a specific column, you will be able to sort that column in ascending order based on that attribute.
    • By default, the ad placements table will display all line items. You can also toggle to view line items associated with specific ad types (e.g. Dynamic, etc.).
  • Locations
    • Review delivered impressions based on location of IP addresses. You can use this locations view to see if your campaign is running the majority of impressions in the right places based on your target markets and cities.
    • Please note: It is normal to experience some impressions leakage such as seeing a few impressions outside of your target markets. This can be due to the use of VPNs as well as different databases’ defining the location of the IP address differently.
  • Players
    • A 'player' refers to the application where a listener streamed or downloaded a podcast from. 
    • Review Impressions, Reach, and Frequency broken down by player.  Conversion rate by player is only available for Attribution campaigns. 
    • Confirm from which podcast players your ads were downloaded.
  • Frequency
    • Understand weighted average of the Household Frequency across your entire campaign.
    • Frequency is defined by the number of times a household was exposed to an ad – or impressions divided by household reach. In this view, you will only see Household Frequency as long as the panel size is at least 10% of total downloads; otherwise, a small number of impressions can skew the whole result.