Invite a new Advertiser to join Spotify Ad Analytics

Send a direct email invite to an Advertiser to join Spotify Ad Analytics.

Applies to: Publishers and Agencies

To invite a new Brand to Spotify Ad Analytics, follow these simple steps:
  • Navigate to Manage and click on the Invite Brand tab.
  • Search the name of the brand and click the name in the drop down.  For brands without an account, you will see Create Brand next to their name.  Select the brand, input their Brand Industry, and click Continue.
  • Enter details for the Brand contact(s) and click Send Invite.
  • After the invite is sent, you’ll have the option to add in the brand's Pixel Domain (website domain). Please note: Adding in the Pixel Domain is optional and can be edited by the Brand upon logging in.

Once completed, the Brand will receive the following confirmation email:

Screenshot 2023-06-09 at 11.43.34 AM

Note: when a brand is invited to the platform, when verifying their email they will need to click Continue under I have a Podsights account and follow the steps outlined in this help center article