Invite a new Advertiser to join Spotify Ad Analytics

Send a direct email invite to an Advertiser to join Spotify Ad Analytics.

Applies to: Publishers and Agencies

To invite a new Brand to Spotify Ad Analytics, follow these simple steps:
    • Navigate to the Manage tab on the left rail and click on the ‘Invite Brand’ tab.
    • Search the name of the brand and click the name in the drop down. 
    • If the Brand is not yet registered for Spotify Ad Analytics, you’ll be prompted to enter details for the Brand contact(s) and click Send Invite.’
      • When you invite a brand to the dashboard, you submit their brand claim on their behalf. This means the brand member will not need to complete this step upon signing in.
    • After the invite is sent, you’ll have the option to add in the brand's Pixel Domain (website domain). Please note: Adding in the Pixel Domain is optional and can be edited by the Brand upon logging in.

Once completed, the Brand will receive the following confirmation email:

Screenshot 2023-06-09 at 11.43.34 AM

Please note, when a brand is invited to the platform, in order to log in they will need to click "Continue" under "I have a Podsights account" and follow the steps outlined in this help center article