Grant Edit Access to Advertisers for Publisher-Created Campaigns

Advertisers can now edit Publisher-generated campaigns with the click of a button

Applies to: Publishers

By default, Brands and Agencies can only edit campaigns that they create themselves. 

Campaigns created by publishers require the publisher to grant the Brand editing access in the dashboard.  

By granting a brand access to edit the campaign,  the brand will be able to edit all campaign and line item details, including cost, goal, placements, names, CPM, etc. 

Publishers have the ability to both grant and remove edit-access at any time nearly any time during a campaign's lifecycle, excepting the "complete" state. 

Grant Campaign Edit Access to Brands

  1. In the dashboard, select the exact campaign you wish to provide edit access for
  2. Click on More.... > Give Brand Edit Access 
  3. You will see a green confirmation box with Updated brand edit access.  The brand can now make edits on their end! 

Remove Campaign Edit Access from Brands

To remove previously granted edit access, simply follow the same steps as above and select "Remove Brand Edit Access" 

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