About Advisor

Discover podcasts that align with your target audience, and be discovered by potential advertisers.

What is Advisor? 

Advisor is a free matchmaking tool, available to publishers and advertisers, that uses machine learning to match podcasts to audiences and can be found within the Discover tab of your dashboard.  Advertisers can use Advisor to discover new opportunities in podcast advertising in order to drive performance across campaigns.  Advisor helps brands and agencies navigate 700+ podcasts based on audience data that matches either their industry or their past website visitors. With Advisor, you can also tap into third-party integrations with trusted partners like Nielsen and Experian to refine your target audiences even further. 

Answer questions like: 

  • Where am I most likely to reach Males 18-34 who are interested in fitness? 
  • Which podcast has an audience that is already engaging with my website? 
  • Which podcast will deliver new reach for my brand? 
  • Which industries does a podcast perform best against?

How it works: 

Podcast publishers opt into Advisor to feature their shows for discovery.  Advertisers can then sort and filter results based on audience attributes, such as:
    • Third-Party Audience Data
    • Publisher/Network
    • Radio Markets
    • Audience Overlap
    • Industries and more

  • For each show, an Affinity Score is calculated to help identify relevant shows for your brand. Affinity Scores are unique to your brand, calculated using machine learning as an aggregated comparison between a podcast's listeners and the brand's pixel data (website visitors). 
  • You can also evaluate which shows will garner New Reach for your brand, a number estimated based on the brand's pixel data (website visitors) and the podcast's listeners. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is able to use Advisor? 

    Advisor is a free tool available to all advertisers who have the Spotify Pixel installed, and to all publishers who have opted to feature their shows within Advisor.

  • Are other advertisers able to see my brand's data? 

    Brand data is never shared between advertisers.  Affinity Scores are unique to your brand only.

  • How do I get started with Advisor? 
    • Brands: Once you have the Spotify Pixel installed on your website, head to the Discover tab and complete the Advisor Quiz to opt in.
    • Buy-side Agencies: If your brand advertiser has opted into Advisor, navigate to your brand's account where you will be able to view Advisor from the Discover tab in their  dashboard. 
    • Publishers: Implement the RSS Prefix for your podcast(s), then head to the Discover tab to opt in.  We require that your podcasts accrue 30-days of data across a minimum of 50 households. Once your podcast has reached the required threshold, data will begin to populate in Advisor. You will not see third-party audience data populate for your show until 5,000 households have been identified.
    • Sell-side Agencies: Sell-side agencies do not have access to Advisor.