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Why isn't my Line Item Tracking?

If your campaign has launched and your line item is not tracking, please see below.

Dynamic Line Items:

If your Dynamic line item is not tracking, this could be the result of the following:

  1. The Publisher has not appended Tracking URLs to the media in the ad server.
    • Prior to campaign launch, the Publisher is responsible for trafficking Tracking URLs  across all measured line items in their ad server(s). If they do not do this, Spotify Ad Analytics is unable to track the ad dynamically.
    • As the Brand, if your Dynamic ad is not tracking, reach out to your Publisher and ask to confirm that Tracking URLs have been correctly appended to the line items.
    • As the Publisher, you can click on the Dynamic line item under Upcoming Ads to access your Tracking URLs. You can learn more about Tracking URLs here.


Embedded Line Items:

If your Embedded line item is not tracking, this could be the result of the following:

  1. The RSS Prefix is not implemented.
    • In order for Spotify Ad Analytics to track embedded line items, the analytics prefix needs to be installed on the shows RSS feed. If this is not installed, we will not be able to track the embedded line item. We recommend installing the analytics prefix as soon as possible in order for Ad Analytics to capture all campaign data. When the campaign is in draft in the Ad Analytics dashboard, all parties can see whether or not the prefix is installed. 
  2. The episode drop-date is incorrect.
    • Drop-dates for podcast episodes can change. If the date that was provided at campaign setup is no longer the date the episode was actually dropped, this mismatch between dates is likely why the embedded line item is "not tracking".
      • Brand and Agency accounts can reach out to either their publisher point of contact or support-adanalytics@spotify.com in order to get the date updated.
      • Publisher accounts can utilize our missing episode notifications to go through each of their campaigns and update all missing episode dates.
    • Once the dates are updated, please allow 24 hours for the data to populate in your dashboard.