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What Do Spotify Reach and Frequency Numbers Mean?

Understanding the difference between Household Reach/Frequency and Spotify Reach/Frequency

When tracking the performance of a campaign with any publisher in Spotify Ad Analytics, the  dashboard will display a singular Household Reach and Frequency metric. These metrics refer to the number of households reached, and the frequency by which each household (on average) is exposed to the campaign. 

As an added benefit to running a Spotify campaign, the Ad Analytics dashboard will display an additional set of metrics in the dashboard: Spotify Reach and Spotify Frequency. These metrics can be identified by the Spotify logo next to the metric. 

  • What is Spotify Reach? Spotify Reach is the number of logged-in Spotify users that were exposed to your campaign. 
  • What is Spotify Frequency? Spotify Frequency utilizes the same method of calculation as Household Reach and Household Frequency - the total number of impression divided by the total number of exposed [Spotify] listeners. 

When running a campaign exclusive to Spotify listeners, these numbers will be close (though not equal) to your Household reach and frequency numbers. However, when running a campaign that is not exclusive to Spotify listeners, these numbers tend to look significantly different than your household numbers. 

Which reach and frequency numbers should I refer to for my campaign? 

Any Spotify campaign running on shows that can be consumed across any podcatcher should utilize the Household reach and frequency numbers. Because listeners can be exposed on any player (Apple, Spotify, etc.), you will see a smaller number of Spotify logged in listeners being exposed to the campaign, which is expected. 

If you have a campaign exclusive to Spotify-listeners only, the Spotify Reach and Frequency numbers are good reference points to have. However, keep in mind that all Spotify Ad Analytics metrics are based on household data specifically. 

What if I want to see player specific information? 

For player specific metrics on any campaign, including player reach and frequency, you should navigate to the “Players” tab in your campaign dashboard. From here, you can see the reach and frequency for most major players for your campaign. Note: The players tab is not meant to be used with Spotify-exclusive campaigns