Using The Debugger Tool

The Debugger is a tool used to confirm that your website pixel is firing. In addition, it allows you to view your website specific data.

The Debugger will help you answer questions like:

  • Are all of my website pixel events firing? 
  • Which webpages are my pixel events happening on?
  • How can I see exactly what is being sent through the pixel? 

To view your debugger, navigate to Manage > Your Pixels. From there, click on your alpha-numeric pixel ID and select Debugger.  

Our Debugger Tool will show you if data is being collected, but we cannot verify if it's collecting the right information. Client's should verify that the Spotify pixel installation is accurate by confirming data in the Debugger.  Spotify Ad Analytics does not QA pixel placement per each client.  

The Debugger and Event Mappings for Mobile Integrations 

If you are utilizing one of our supported Mobile Integrations and are tracking mobile events for your campaign, you may need to map your mobile event action if the name of the action event being sent to Spotify Ad Analytics does not match any of the Ad Analytics standard actions as listed below:

  • Lead
  • Purchase
  • Add To Cart
  • Product
  • Install
  • Checkout

To add event mappings for your mobile events, navigate to Manage > Your Pixels. From there,  click on your alpha-numeric pixel ID and select Event Mappings.  

NOTE: The Event Mappings Feature only applies to mobile events and does not work for JS or Image events

Click on the Add Mapping button, located in the top right corner of the page. Enter the exact event name pulled from your mobile partner and then select the standard conversion event and/or action that should be mapped to your event name. The formatting is sensitive for this feature so please be sure to check that the formatting in Spotify Ad Analytics matches your formatting for the event in your mobile integration partner.

When you're done, click on Save Event Mapping to save the mapping.

Once you've saved your mappings, they will begin to populate into the debugger after attribution has run, because the raw pixel data will need to be parsed, curated and mapped with the settings that you have just saved.

NOTE: The Debugger will only show up to 100 of your most recent events at a time, so this will apply to the event mappings that fit this criteria.