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Troubleshooting the Spotify Pixel

Once you've installed the Spotify Pixel, here are some troubleshooting tips if you're not seeing activity.

Applies to: Brands

You've implemented the Spotify Pixel on your website, but the publisher is seeing a "red dot" in their dashboard. What do you do now? 


  • Compare the implemented script with the script directly in your Spotify Ad Analytics dashboard.
  • Confirm that you've entered your full Pixel ID into the Main Pixel Script
  • Confirm that you've entered the Main Pixel script into your website correctly and check your code/console for errors
    • If you use a tag manager, ensure that you have your pixel either installed within the tag manager or directly onto the site, not both
    • If using Shopify, confirm the Shopify processes have been followed
  • Check for any interference in pixel fires due to a Content Security Policy (CSP)

If you're still not seeing any pixel activity...

  • Check-in with your Engineering or Web Development team on where website pixels are installed
  • Inspect the webpage where your pixel should be installed (note that this will not work if installed via a tag manager)
    • If the Spotify Pixel code appears in full when searching for the pixel, then the pixel is installed correctly.
    • If nothing shows up, then the Spotify Pixel is not installed on your website.
  • Go to the pixeled webpage
  • Right-click anywhere on your webpage and select "Inspect" in the drop-down menu
    • (On a Mac) Command + F to search
  • Type in "pdst" and click enter or return depending on the device you're using to search for the Spotify Pixel.