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Testing Pixel Events

We recommend going through the following steps to confirm your pixel is working as expected.

Spotify Ad Analytics does not run tests for the Spotify Pixel once installed. If you would like to QA your main pixel and/or conversion pixels, we have a few recommendations:

  • You'll know that you've successfully installed your pixel once you see the green confirmation button under Manage > Your Pixels > Select Pixel ID > Verified Events > Last Activity. Additionally, raw data from the pixel should begin populating in the Events graph.
  • You can test installation by following the intended course of action and checking the Events graph or the debugger.
  • For example: If you've set up a Lead event to track when a user has completed a quiz, you would test out that event by completing the quiz as the user.
  • You can then use the Events graph to monitor which events have been captured. To find the Events graph, click on Manage > Your Pixels > Select Pixel ID.
  • Please Note: Results will not show up immediately on the Events graph. It can take up to 20 minutes for results to be reflected.