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Best Practices: Installing the Spotify Pixel

Reference our recommendations for how to install the Spotify Pixel on your website.

Applies to: Brands and Agencies


Webpage Examples Event Type Verified*
Brand Awareness Recommended site-wide implementation, including all landing pages (with or without UTM) Page View**


Purchase Purchase confirmation page, subscription page Purchase Yes
Newsletter Signup Sign up completion page, sign up button click Lead Yes
Trial Trial completion page, trial button click Lead Yes
Quote request Quote received, submit button click Lead Yes
Find a store Find a store page, button click Lead Yes
Specific product/service Product detail page Add To Cart No
Add to cart Action of adding item to cart Add To Cart No
Checkout Checkout process initiated Add To Cart No
  • * A VERIFIED event is one that will appear in your campaign dashboard as a performance metric
  • ** PAGE VIEW code should be placed site wide for all KPIs