For Megaphone Publishers: How to automatically traffic a campaign using the Ad Analytics integration

Conveniently add Ad Analytics measurement when creating a new campaign in Megaphone by following the below steps.


Applies to: Megaphone Publishers creating new campaigns

To use this feature in Megaphone, the Integration for Spotify Ad Analytics must be toggled on. Your Megaphone Org Admin can activate the integration using the instructions here. 

Create the Campaign 
1. Navigate to “Campaigns” in the sidebar, then click “Create campaign”.

2. Enter your high-level campaign information, then click “Save”.

3. Click "Edit Campaign". Now you can toggle on “Add Spotify Ad Analytics campaign” and enter the relevant information in the pop-up window. When you click "Save", the campaign will be automatically creating in your Spotify Ad Analytics Dashboard. 

Add Spotify Ad Analytics tracking to each Order 

4. After creating all of your Orders in Megaphone, SAVE.

5. Click back into the Order, where you will now have the option to "Add Spotify Ad Analytics tracking URL". 

6. "SAVE". When the Order is saved, the line item will be automatically created in your Ad Analytics dashboard. 


Best Practices 

After you have completed the steps above, please confirm the following to ensure a successful campaign:

  1. Navigate to Ad Analytics to search and view your draft campaign. The Ad Analytics campaign will now appear as a DRAFT until the start date has passed and impressions have gathered. 
  2. Ensure the brand's pixel is installed, otherwise attribution will not track.  In the campaign draft page, you will see the following if the pixel was successfully installed:
    Screenshot 2023-07-20 at 1.25.16 PM