Segment Integration

This article is for Brands who want to link their Segment account to Spotify Ad Analytics for mobile app attribution.

Applies to: Brands

Segment is a third-party partner. Spotify Ad Analytics cannot provide technical support or troubleshooting for third-party services.


Tap into our integration with Segment, which enables data from Segment to be passed to Spotify Ad Analytics to perform attribution between in-app events and podcast ad impressions.


To configure the Segment integration:

copy pixel

  • In your Segment dashboard, click Catalog.
  • Search for “Spotify Ad Analytics” in the Catalog, select it, and choose which of your sources to connect the destination to.
  • Enter your Spotify Ad Analytics Pixel ID that you previously copied in your Segment Settings UI.
  • Configure your events in Segment according to the Spotify Ad Analytics-Segment integration documentation found here
  • Events other than installs must follow the naming convention outlined in this documentation in order to be mapped correctly in Spotify Ad Analytics.
  • Once your events are configured in Segment, you are finished.

For more information, see the Segment documentation.