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Reporting in Ad Studio

Conversion reporting provides helpful insight into how Spotify listeners are reacting to your ads. A conversion is defined as an event counted when a listener is exposed to your ad on Spotify (i.e. views a video ad or clicks on a display ad) and then takes a defined action on the advertised website (i.e. a registration or purchase). 

Ad Studio campaigns that activate the Spotify Pixel will be eligible to track and show aggregated conversions for all events where the pixel has been properly installed on the advertised website. 

Available attribution metrics in Ad Studio include: 

  • Page Views: Number of attributed website page views
  • Leads:  Number of attributed leads
  • Add to Cart:  Number of attributed add to cart events
  • Purchases:  Number of attributed purchases made on the advertised website 

Conversion reporting specifically for Ad Studio campaigns will only be available in your Ad Studio dashboard; Ad Studio campaign performance metrics will not be available in your Ad Analytics dashboard. 

To read more about general campaign delivery metrics that are available for all Ad Studio campaigns, please visit the Ad Studio Help Center