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Getting Started: My Brand Claim Was Denied. Help!

Why brand claims are denied, and how to get back on track with getting started

Claiming a brand in Spotify Ad Analytics is a key step to getting your brand account ready for campaign launch! However, to prevent duplicate accounts and to ensure a smooth process from campaign setup to campaign wrap, we review each individual brand claim for the following details: 

  • Do you work for the brand? If your email address does not contain a domain that belongs directly to the brand, their parent company, sister company, etc., your brand claim will be rejected
  • Are you an agency member? Agencies are not permitted to claim a brand on behalf of an advertiser. The claim will be rejected until a brand member personally claims the brand from their dashboard. 
  • Does the brand already exist? One account per brand Top Level Domain (TLD) is permitted. If you've claimed the brand for mx.xyz.com, but xyz.com already has an account, your claim will be rejected. Please reach out to your brand admin for access to your organization's existing account
  • Can we verify your email domain? If you have claimed the brand from an email domain we cannot verify, we will immediately deny your claim

What can I do to move forward? 

If you feel your brand claim was wrongfully denied, please reach out to our support team at support-adanalytics@spotify.com with {Brand Claim Rejected} in your subject line. Be sure to include the name of the brand you were trying to claim, and the reason you think your claim should have been approved. Emails are reviewed during business hours (9-5 ET) Monday - Friday, with the exception of holidays and observed holidays. 

If your brand claim was denied due to lack of a brand member on the account, please reach out to our support team with the name of at least one brand contact who will be made the account administrator.