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Getting Started FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions regarding accounts, login, manage access, etc.

  • If I already have a personal Spotify account, do I still need to create an account for Spotify Ad Analytics?
    We recommend that you create a Spotify account that is associated with a business email to make sure all of your stakeholders can be easily looped in.

  • Am I going to be able to stay logged into my personal Spotify account, as well as my Spotify Ad Analytics account, at the same time?
    Spotify Ad Analytics will only leverage a Spotify account associated with your web browser. Your personal Spotify account will remain unimpacted, as long as you’re listening in the Spotify mobile/desktop app. If you prefer to listen to Spotify through the player in your web browser, we recommend logging in to one account using a private or incognito browser window.

  • I previously had a Podsights account, and I am now having trouble logging into Spotify Ad Analytics. What should I do?
    If you’re having trouble logging in, try resetting your Spotify password to log in. If you’re still experiencing issues, please email support-adanalytics@spotify.com.

  • When I try to log in, Spotify Ad Analytics is suggesting the wrong email address for my account. What should I do?
    Depending on your web browser settings or if you are logged into your Spotify web player already, Spotify Ad Analytics may identify the wrong email address when logging in for the first time. In this case, click the Logout button on the confirmation page and sign in with the correct email address.

  • What should I do if I’m having trouble logging into the dashboard through a connected account (e.g. Google, Facebook)?
    If you are having difficulties logging into the Spotify Ad Analytics dashboard for the first time using a connect account, there are two steps you can take: 

    • Manually log yourself in with the email address and password field.

    • If that does not work, reset your password for the Spotify account associated with your email address being used for Spotify Ad Analytics.

Trackable Channels on Spotify Ad Analytics FAQs

  • Can I use the Spotify Pixel to measure attribution for podcast episodes, and associated podcast ad exposures, that are simulcast on Youtube?
    As of today, it is not possible to measure the efficacy of your publisher-direct ads in simulcast downloads via YouTube using pixel-based attribution, due to the lack of available exposure data from a YouTube view. Without data points like IP address, user agents, or timestamps – which YouTube does not supply to third parties – third-party measurement vendors, including Spotify Ad Analytics in this case, cannot accurately model attribution for YouTube views.

    YouTube allows brands to target podcast viewers with ads bought directly with Google/YouTube and provides 1st party attribution of their own. If your client wants to leverage pixel-based attribution on YouTube videos, they will need to work directly with YouTube and install the Google pixel on their website.