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As of April 2022, Spotify Ad Analytics has removed backfills from our processes. Please be advised that moving forward, no backfills will be accepted or fulfilled.

What is a backfill?

A backfill is the manual ingestion of media delivery data. Delivery data is required to populate the dashboard, calculate reach, frequency, and of course, attribution. 

Why are we no longer offering backfills? 

Backfills are a highly manual process, and can take anywhere from two weeks to well over a month for our engineering team to complete. As Spotify Ad Analytics continues to grow, it is simply not a scalable offering we are able to support at this time.

We always let our advertisers know that they must allow at least two weeks to ensure proper pixel implementation. Moving forward, we ask that our agencies and publishers refrain from offering backfills as an option to clients, as we are no longer able to support such requests.