Understanding Attribution Campaigns

How to read and analyze your attribution campaign.

Attribution is the measurement of people’s actions on your website after they hear your ad. Spotify Ad Analytics helps you track conversions with the Spotify Pixel. You can learn more about Attribution and the Spotify Pixel. You should also familiarize yourself with the common terms of the dashboard

Before you begin...

Before analyzing campaign results, make sure you have clear answers to the following questions: 

  • What was the campaign's primary KPI?
  • What were the targeting tactics used across the media?
  • What was the call-to-action in the creative?
  • Which conversion events were activated for the Spotify Pixel? 

The Metrics 

The level of detail available across attribution reporting will depend on the type of account. All account types will have access to the following metrics in an attribution campaign: 

  • Visitors = (Households that visited the site or app)
  • Conversion Rate = (Attributed Visitors/Household Reach) 
  • Cost per Visitor (CPV) = (Spend to Date / Visitors)

You will also be able to see aggregated data for the specific conversion events being measured. 

  • The Revenue page, if an attribution campaign is measuring Purchases as a KPI. Metrics include: 
    • Average Order Value = (Revenue / Purchases)
    • Purchases = Number of attributed purchase events
    • Revenue = Attributed revenue from purchase events
    • Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) = (Spend to Date / Purchases)
    • Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) = (Revenue / Spend to Date)
  • The Conversions page, which will house data for all KPIs such as app installs, leads, etc. along with more detailed information about your Visitors/Conversion Rate. You can learn about the Conversion page here. Depending on your KPI, metrics will include: 
    • Installs = Number of attributed mobile app installs
    • Leads = Number of attributed leads
    • Cost per Lead (CPL) = (Spend to Date / Leads)

Please Note: Advertisers (brands or agencies) must provide the Spotify Ad Analytics Customer Success team with approval for a Publisher to have visibility into these aggregated conversion metrics. Please reach out to support-adanalytics@spotify.com to provide your Publisher partners access. 

Tips for Analysis 

  • Compare Placements – Evaluate which placements saw the highest conversion rate, and ask yourself if there are any reasons why a specific placement might perform better than another (e.g. audience targeting tactics, creative messaging, seasonality, etc.).
  • Request a Conversion Lift report – Conversion Lift reports utilize a control-and-exposed methodology to help you understand the incremental impact of your attribution campaign. Learn how to request a Conversion Lift report here.
  • Reference Benchmarks – It's always helpful to understand the performance of your campaign in the context of the broader industry. You can stay up-to-date with the latest industry benchmark reports for podcasts with Spotify Advertising.