Account Membership: Admin Guidelines and Tips

Managing your organization's dashboard and access


  • Admins are responsible for:
    • Adding and removing members from the dashboard
    • Accepting our terms of service
    • Generating API key (Megaphone integration)
  • You can add as many admins on your account as you wish, however, we do encourage the Principle of Least Privilege, meaning users should have access only to what they need. 
  • Each organization should have at least 2 (two) designated Admins.
    • If your organization is global with users in multiple time zones or countries, we recommend at least one admin per time zone/country for continuity purposes. 
  • Admins must be directly associated with the organization. 
    • The email address should match the domain of the organization OR
    • The email address should match the domain of a parent or sister organization

Admin FAQs

  • I am an advertiser. Can I make an agency member an admin on our account? 
    • No. Providing direct-brand access to an agency is not recommended, and during routine cleanups of accounts any agency member that is added directly to an advertiser's account will be removed.
      This ensures advertiser data is protected, and allows advertisers to work directly with publishers and multiple agencies. 
  • Can the Ad Analytics support team admin my account? 
    • No. Spotify Ad Analytics is a self-serve platform. We cannot add members to or remove members from your account on your behalf. Pleasure ensure that you have sufficient admins for management of your account. 
  • We lost our admin(s) recently, and now have no admins. What do we do now? 
    • Please send an email to and let us know of the admin departure. Include the email address(es) as well as the names and emails of two replacement admins. We will email the old admin(s) to confirm the change. If no response is received within 3 business days, we will process the change for you.