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Ad Studio Frequently Asked Questions

  • If I add my pixel to Ad Studio, will I still be able to measure campaigns via Spotify Ad Analytics?
    Once your pixel is added to Ad Studio, it will be available for use in both the Ad Analytics platform and the Ad Studio platform. However, conversion reporting for Ad Studio campaigns will only be available in Ad Studio. For all other audio campaigns, whether on or off Spotify, you can continue to use your pixel to measure and view performance in Ad Analytics. 
  • Could I add my Spotify Pixel from Ad Analytics to more than one Ad Studio account?
    At this time, pixels from Ad Analytics can only be added to one unique Ad Studio ad account. 
  • Are there any differences in the attribution methodology for Ad Analytics and Ad Studio?
    Pixel attribution is calculated using the same methodology across Ad Analytics and Ad Studio. Click here to learn more about Spotify’s attribution methodology. 
  • Do I need to make any changes to the Spotify Pixel that is currently installed on my website in order for it to measure Ad Studio campaigns?
    When adding your Spotify Pixel to Ad Studio, you do not need to make any changes to the pixel itself or the backend of your website. The only requirement is to complete the request for Spotify to add your pixel to your Ad Studio ad account. 
  • Once my pixel is available in Ad Studio, could it measure past or active campaigns?
    The pixel in Ad Studio can only be enabled on new campaigns. It cannot measure campaigns that have ended or are currently in-flight. Click here for more information on how to activate your pixel once it’s been added to your Ad Studio ad account. 
  • I initially created my pixel in Ad Studio. Can I use it to measure campaigns via Spotify Ad Analytics?
    At this time, our integration only supports the one-way mapping of pixels from Ad Analytics to Ad Studio. Pixels that are initially created in Ad Studio cannot be added to an Ad Analytics account.