Account Types in Spotify Ad Analytics

Understanding What Type of Account You Need For Performance Tracking

Spotify Ad Analytics is an out-of-the-box performance measurement platform with four distinct account types. Proper setup of an account is required before a campaign can be built for tracking.

Brand - Also referred to as “advertiser”, the brand is the exact brand for which the campaign is running. (Review “Brand Setup Best Practices”)

Publisher - The owner of the podcast(s) on which the campaign is running. 

Buy-Side Agency - Traditional ad agency; represents and provides reporting for the brand

Sell-Side Agency - Represents the podcaster or shows on which the campaign is running, but does not have any ownership rights to the shows. 

Of the four account types listed above, the two that are required for a campaign to be set up for performance tracking are Brand and Publisher (or Sell-Side). A campaign cannot be created in Spotify Ad Analytics without these two accounts.