About Conversion Lift

Better understand the action that your ads are driving.

What is Conversion Lift? 

Conversion Lift measures the incremental impact of your ads on driving user actions, such as website visits, sign ups, purchases and more – relative to listeners who were not exposed to your ads. Leveraging a test-and-control methodology, Conversion Lift helps isolate the impact of a campaign by analyzing the attribution of those who were exposed to your ad compared to those who were not exposed to your ad.

Answer questions like:

  • How did this campaign or specific tactic perform independent of other marketing efforts?
  • Do my audio ads drive conversions? 
  • How much lift do my ads cause?

How it works:

Spotify Ad Analytics takes a sample of impressions from your attribution campaign (exposed group) and a sample of impressions from the same given timeframe and geolocation as the exposed (control group) and compares them. 

  • We create a sample table from a control group, using time and geography of impressions as a selection criterion to match impressions for the exposed group.
  • To determine the geographical breakdown, we first look at the percentage of each country making up the impressions in the exposed group. We match control impressions based on country-level or state-level for US-based impressions. If a country or US state is under-represented, we exclude it from the analysis. 
  • Spotify Ad Analytics uses the control group to establish a baseline interaction with the advertiser’s website. This is effectively telling us how many of the conversions are happening because of the influence of other marketing channels.
  • The exposed group are households who were exposed to the advertiser’s ads in the campaign and their conversion activity relative to their time of exposure to the ad. 
  • Conversion Lift is then measured by comparing the interaction of the exposed group relative to the baseline interaction that was established by the control group. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Who can use Conversion Lift? 

    Conversion Lift is available in AU, CA, JP, MX, and the U.S. to advertisers with an attribution campaign via the Spotify Pixel. The campaign must have already been live for at least four (4) weeks and has received at least 250,000 impressions.

  • What types of media can be measured?
    You can request a Conversion Lift report to measure all Spotify media, including audio, video, and display ads across music and podcasts. Conversion Lift can measure audio ads across non-Spotify media.
  • When should I use a Conversion Lift report?

    To capture as much data as possible, we suggest that Conversion Lift reports are used as a post-campaign reporting tool once your campaign's attribution window has ended – providing you with a complete picture of your performance.

  • How do I request a Conversion Lift report?

    Follow these instructions to request your report.