Neustar MTA Integration

This article is for Brands who want to port their conversion data to Neustar for multi-touch attribution.

Applies to: Brands

Neustar is a third-party partner. Spotify Ad Analytics cannot provide custom integrations or technical support or troubleshooting for third-party services


Leveraging our Neustar service means that Spotify Ad Analytics can connect consolidated conversion data to Neustar to be leveraged within their MTA (multi-touch attribution) model. Please note that this service requires an existing Neustar customer and written approval from each publisher.


  1. To activate this service, please submit a ticket to using the template below at least 1 week before campaign launch. Please note that activation is required for each Ad Analytics campaign. In your request, please include: 

Email subject: Neustar Data Transfer Activation Request 

Email body:

        • Please include the Spotify Ad Analytics campaigns  
        • Please include attachments with written approval from each publisher that is part of the campaign. 

Please Note:

  • This service is not customizable, meaning we cannot alter what, when, or how the data is sent. 
  • This service must be activated before a campaign launches and cannot be completed retroactively.
  • Customer Success must be activate the service on each individual applicable campaign.